Lasertel Commits $5M Capital Investment in R&D to Advance Capabilities


Lasertel is pleased to announce a $5M capital investment from our parent company, Leonardo. This will allow us to increase manufacturing capacity and advance our efforts in developing high-power laser diodes. The investment, which includes $3.5M in capital equipment, will:

  • Increase manufacturing capacity for low size, weight and power (SWaP) laser diode pump modules in support of high-volume directed-energy programs
  • Advance VCSEL and edge emitter brightness for lidar and material processing applications
  • Accelerate development of advanced thermal management and laser diode driver technologies

Dr. Mark McElhinney, president, states, "This investment by our parent company, Leonardo, demonstrates the commitment by Leonardo to supporting the continued growth of Lasertel.”

With significant advances in the past two years in laser diode pump sources capable of providing high power and low SWaP, and continuing demand for increased power and brightness for applications such as directed energy and lidar, Lasertel is able to invest in the research needed to meet the needs of emerging applications. Our expectation is that investments in capabilities and capacity will allow laser diodes to meet the power and cost demands as these technologies approach widespread adoption.

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