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Electro-Mechanical Equipment and Controls

Includes an extensive line of human-to-machine electronic controls, panels, and displays for military and commercial aircraft.

Lighting Systems

Interior and exterior lighting systems for commercial and military aircraft.


LED IR-Visible Landing & Search Light

The LED IR-Visible Landing & Search Light is a steerable helicopter light with dual-mode capability with both visible LED and covert infrared (IR) LED modes.

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Why choose Leonardo Electronics US Inc. for Avionics Electronics and Lighting Systems?

Versatile applications: We produce a wide array of avionics lighting, electro-mechanical systems, and controls for military and commercial aircraft.

LED technology: Our LED retractable landing lights are the brightest and most powerful systems available. They provide low power consumption, long lifespan, and low maintenance.

Flexible options: Installers can select from a wide range of low-SWaP, compact lighting systems and electronic components to meet platform and mission requirements.

Simple installation: Our lighting systems are simple for integrators to install and configure on their desired platform.

Proven success: We have decades of experience developing powerful lighting systems and electro-mechanical equipment for military and commercial use. We have provided the latest electronic components and lighting systems for some of the most advanced rotary- and fixed-wing platforms, including the F-35, M-345 Trainer, the M346 Master, the AW101 helicopter, the ATR 42/72, and the Airbus A320 and A350.

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