Directed Energy

Leonardo Electronics US is partnering on key defense programs as the pump source of choice for alkali, solid-state or fiber lasers for directed energy applications. 

We work with system integrators and primes to develop MIL-qualified laser diodes for space, airborne, vehicle, or man-portable platforms that can survive the harshest environments.

Diode-Pumped Alkali (DPAL), Solid-State (DPSSL), and Fiber Laser Components

Power, electrical efficiency, brightness, weight, and physical size are all at a premium for directed energy applications. Leonardo has engineered our laser diode products to be specifically optimized for these parameters.

The Tucson facility manufactures semiconductor wafers, laser diode packages, and collimating and beam shaping optics. This level of vertical integration creates a product engineering capability like no other. 


Direct Diode Illumination

Targeting in directed energy applications requires high-power lasers. Our laser diode sources are designed to successfully illuminate a target of interest. Functional in sea, air, and land environments, our laser diode solutions provide the highest precision and performance for any directed energy application.


Featured Product Families

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High Energy Laser Systems

For an overview of advancements in diode pump sources watch our on demand webinar, Next Generation Laser Diode Pump Sources for Directed Energy, and learn how to reduce SWaP-C and increase power and brightness for directed energy laser technologies, from fiber, solid state, and diode pumped alkali lasers.

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