Advancements in Airborne Directed Energy Lasers


Directed energy lasers represent the next-generation capability in the defense of threats to our country and our allies. Solid-state and hybrid lasers are well suited for airborne and space-based directed energy systems. The core components inside these systems are the pump sources based on laser diodes. Performance from the Megawatts of power needed from the laser diode is the key technology to allowing directed energy laser systems to be deployed on the battlefield. 

The key laser diode performance parameters include:

  • Brightness
  • Environmental ruggedness
  • Scalability to ultra-high powers
  • Size and weight

Lasertel is particularly adept at developing custom solutions for challenging laser requirements such as those put forward for defense lasers. This performance advantage arises from having complete control over every aspect of laser production. Our recent paper focused on three of Lasertel’s unique technologies:

  • Laser diode epitaxy and array packaging
  • Collimating micro-optics
  • Lean drive electronics

Using these technologies, Lasertel has successfully built and tested a pulsed diode array capable of producing an output power of 1MW with a power density of >10kW/cm2

To learn more about Lasertel’s directed-energy research, download our new white paper.

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