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Market Shift to Laser Systems

Leonardo's laser solutions facility uses proprietary manufacturing processes to build the most efficient and powerful laser diode components on the market, suited to specialized industrial processing applications that range from chip fabrication to laser cutting and laser welding.

The shift to laser systems is driving a US manufacturing renaissance. 40% of manufacturers are investing in additive manufacturing, 3D printing and laser marking this year.

We are currently co-developing next generation industrial laser pump technologies with the industry’s largest industrial material processing laser manufacturer. In addition, we have delivered a record setting Megawatt Laser to the EU Extreme Light Infrastructure project.

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Carbon Composite Joining

As manufacturers turn to laser systems for materials processing, niche applications present unique demands. One such application is carbon fiber composite joining, for which Leonardo has used free-space direct diodes.

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Substrate Heating

In wide-ranging materials processing applications, manufacturers are turning to laser systems to replace heated coil elements for their energy efficiency and precision.

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Direct Diode Laser Cladding

Laser cladding or heat treating systems are increasingly used to weld metals in a wide range of applications, and direct diode lasers can help build this advantage.

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