May 5, 2021

Leonardo Introduces Counter UAV System for US DoD and Border Patrol Security

Leonardo Electronics US is proud to introduce the Falcon Shield, now available to US DoD, DOE, Border Patrol and partners. The Falcon Shield counter-UAV system addresses the threat of low, slow and small unmanned air systems undetectable by conventional air surveillance equipment. The drone mitigation system is a mature platform already proven globally, with demonstrated effective performance in high visibility, ‘no fail’ missions including:

  • 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Gatwick & Heathrow airport drone incidents
  • VVIP special security events

The fixed or semi-fixed drone mitigation system can detect and respond to threats at a distance of 5km, and while cost-competitive in its class of C-UAS systems, outperforms competitors in the Detect-Identify-Mitigate range.

As the risk of small, low-flying and widely available UAVs grows, so have the incidents of surveillance and attack. The US must protect and defend personnel, facilities, and assets in an environment where increasing numbers of sUAS will share the skies with DoD aircraft, operate in the airspace over government installations and be employed by our nation’s adversaries. The Falcon Shield drone mitigation system provides a proven means of protection for airfields, critical infrastructure and borders. Its multiple detection sensors, AI-enabled EO/IR tracking and target discrimination and precision, long-range EW defeat capability is built for reduced reliance on the operator. The open architecture allows for ease of integration or customization.

Command, control and situational awareness (C2SA): Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI), automated threat detection and tracking.

Radar: Open standards IP-based control interfaces, continuous 360 or sector coverage, federated or integrated radar solutions.

High-performance electro-optical (EO) system: NERIO-URL gyro-stabilized EO payload with 360 coverage.

High resolution thermal and visible band cameras

RF management: Electronic surveillance and attack.

Flexible deployment solutions: Modular and scalable system architecture, multiple EO and RF sensors. Rugged design.


Download the datasheet or private briefing with Steve Rehermann, Director Business Development, Targeting Systems and Sensors, Leonardo Electronics US Inc.