NERIO-ULR is a state of the art modular Electro-Optical (EO) Surveillance, Threat Acquisition (STA) and Reconnaissance system designed to satisfy a broad range of current and emerging customer requirements.

These include:

  • Border security and Critical National Infra-Structure protection
  • Mobile STA and Reconnaissance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Air Defense and Counter-UAS

NERIO-ULR integrates world-class EO sensors as part of a fully flexible payload configuration together with a gyro-stabilized director mechanism enabling capability, cost and performance to be optimized according to specific customer needs. Utilizing the Horizon Thermal Imaging (TI) camera for provision of a 24hr operational capability, NERIO-ULR combines an 11° to 0.9° zoom field-of-view high definition (HD) TI with a 360° x ±50° system field of regard.

In addition to the Horizon camera, the standard NERIO-ULR sensor payload configuration includes a high-definition color day TV camera with a compatible zoom field of view and optional, eye-safe Laser Rangefinder (LRF) to supplement the surveillance capability and enable threat identification and geospatial location.

The combination of high definition imaging performance, sightline stability and field coverage enables customers to conduct surveillance acquisition operations from short to very long-range with a single EO system asset.

NERIO_image 1

The modular payload and communication architecture of NERIO-ULR enables the Day TV Camera and LRF solutions to tailored to meet specific customer performance, cost and capability needs. Additional special to role modules, e.g. illuminators, dazzle sources and GPS receiver, can also be offered to meet specific operational needs.

Performance of the Horizon TI camera enables the identification of threats at ranges typically beyond the effective range of the threat, enabling early counteraction to be initiated.

NERIO-ULR is designed to facilitate use in direct mounting to platforms, masts or static tower mounted applications. The Horizon TI incorporates a long-life cooling engine enabling extended maintenance free operation whilst the design of NERIO-ULR enables ready access to the cameras for ease of removal and reinstallation when required.


NERIO_image 2



Gyro-stabilized EO payload

Enables operation on fixed installation and optimized performance in mast/tower mounted applications.

Continuous 360° x ±50° coverage

Provides a solution for ultra-long-range surveillance and threat identification and geolocation.

Horizon thermal imager

World-Class true HDTI performance coupled with a full range continuous 11° to 0.9° zoom lens enabling high performance, 24hr operation.

Modular payload architecture

Enables the NERIO-ULR system level capability to be optimized for customer specific cost, capability & performance needs and accommodate special to role payloads for specific operational applications.

Open-standards, IP based control interfaces

Enables NERIO-ULR to be easily interfaced with customer specific security or mission system solutions, including the network enabled operation.


Rugged design

Enables NERIO-ULR to be utilized against a broad range of operational requirements across a global environment, including static or mobile and land or coastal environment.

High availability

50,000-hour long life cooling engine of the HDTI enables extended maintenance free operation with high reliability.

Optional capabilities

  • Gyro-stabilized or unsterilized NERIO-ULR variants
  • Integrated GPS
  • Automatic Threat Detection and Tracking
  • Modular system control and display solutions
  • Operational deployment solutions
  • Special-to-role EO modules, e.g. illuminator and dazzle sources



  • Field of regard: Continuous 360° x ±50°
  • Angular speed: 60°/s (max)
  • Pointing accuracy: 0.056° 1σ in both axis
  • Stabilization performance: 200 μrad (1σ)


  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 (720p)
  • Operating waveband: 3μm to 5μm
  • Sensitivity: 23mK NETD (Typical)
  • Optical field of view: Continuous zoom: 11° x 6.2° to 0.9° x 0.5°
  • Autofocus: On demand


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  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Optical field of view: Continuous zoom: 9.3° to 0.28° (horizontal)
  • Auto focus: On demand and zoom triggered


  • Laser type: Er Glass
  • Laser safety: Class 1
  • Wavelength: 1540nm
  • Range: 80m to 20km
  • Accuracy: ±5m (1σ)


  • Power supply: 18v – 32v DC
  • Operating temperature range: -32°C to +71°C

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