New Market Opportunities for Aesthetic Laser System Manufacturers

In the last few months, there has been a re-ignited interest in expanding aesthetic laser applications. With significant proven successes in the hair removal space, teams like Leonardo continue to partner with aesthetic laser system developers to explore the treatment of other conditions.

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Expanding Aesthetic Laser Capabilities Through an Innovative Triple Wavelength Diode Array

Alma is a global innovator of energy-based solutions for aesthetic lasers in the surgical and medical markets. As a market pioneer and key inventor of several proprietary, patented technologies, Alma has transformed the medical laser industry. Using Leonardo Electronics US, formally Lasertel, Alma continues to maintain a prominent position in the market, one step ahead of the competition.

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Aesthetic Laser Market Outlook: Where Are the Opportunities for Medical Device Manufacturers in 2019?

Although dermatologists first used lasers for skin treatments in 1962, demand for these procedures has accelerated in the past decade. When compared to traditional chemical and surgical treatments, lasers present a number of advantages.

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Choosing an Aesthetic Laser System: Laser Parameters for Effective Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal requires the destruction of the hair bulb located deep beneath the skin. For this application, lasers are becoming a popular alternative to electrolysis. This shift is occurring because lasers are noninvasive and the precision of the beam minimizes unnecessary damage to the surrounding skin, resulting in less pain and fewer side-effects. Lasers emit short pulses of infrared light that pass through the skin and primarily affect only the pigmented cells within the hair bulb. The heat from the laser permanently damages the cells, which prevents any further hair production.

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Medical Diode Design: Multi-Wavelength Diodes for a Broad Spectrum of Customers

Companies are finally recognizing what medical laser manufacturers have known for years: there is no single color of “skin tone.” In cosmetics, skin care, and clothing, companies are broadening their spectrum to broaden their customer base. Matching a skin color is difficult because there is no simple way to define what a "skin color" even means. An object's "color" is a complicated mix of the spectrum of the incident light and how that object absorbs and reflects that light. At present, skin colors are described using the Fitzpatrick scale, a qualitative method based on the light-absorption features of the skin, which determine both the skin's apparent color and its propensity to sunburn. It's important to also remember that skin is a living thing that changes thickness, color, and texture, depending on age and environment.

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What Medical System Manufacturers Should Know About the New T6Air™ Lightweight Array

New product improves the ease and use of reliability of medical laser systems

Leonardo Electronics US, formally Lasertel, has recently launched a new product in the fluid cooled laser diode array product family, the T6Air™. This lightweight array addresses two main issues: weight and reliability. VP of Engineering, Prabhu Thiagarajan shares what the T6Air™ lightweight array offers for medical laser systems.

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Leonardo Electronics US Launches New T6Air™ Lightweight Array for Medical Laser Systems

Tucson, AZ — Leonardo Electronics US, a Leonardo company and leading U.S. supplier of custom laser diodes, is proud to announce the release of the T6Air™. This lightweight fluid cooled laser diode array is designed with Leonardo Electronics US micro optics technology, replacing bulky waveguides to offer a compact, lighter solution for handheld medical devices.

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