Case Study: How Multi-Wavelength Laser Diodes in Medical Lasers Improve Treatment Spectrum



The Client

Leonardo Electronics US, formally Lasertel, partnered with a global provider of medical laser solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets to develop a key laser diode technology for laser hair removal.

The Challenge

This project was a customer-driven design, seeking a unique capability to enable the treatment of a range of skin and hair types with a single hand piece. Leonardo began to explore the laser hair removal treatment process, considering both the practitioner and patient experience.

A significant challenge that was affecting the treatment spectrum and treatment time was that medical laser handpieces for laser hair removal were predominately single-wavelength, limiting the effectiveness of the treatment to certain skin and hair types. To effectively treat a larger range of skin and hair types, multiple wavelengths are required.

The Solution

Laser diode design in aesthetic laser solutions can have a significant impact on the system’s ease of use and treatment time. It was our job to provide within the system an inclusive laser diode that would work well for all skin types, and ultimately improve the practitioner and patient experience.

Our team referred back to the Fitzpatrick scale, used to classify skin types in terms of how they respond to UV radiation. Leonardo's approach to aesthetic laser solutions combines the absorption and penetration levels of multiple different wavelengths in a single hand piece to create a single laser diode array that effectively treats multiple skin and hair types.

Here are the key features of Leonardo Electronics US’s medical laser diodes:

  • Multiple wavelengths from 760nm to 1060nm in a single stack
  • Durable, monolithic laser diode array assemblies that survive extended operation and minimize failure due to hand piece drops or mishandling
  • No requirement for deionized water, resulting in lower system cost and reduced maintenance
  • Reduced size and weight for a more comfortable provider experience

Our medical laser diodes include our product families of Fluid Cooled Arrays, Conductively Cooled Laser Diodes and Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes.

The Impact

Leonardo’s laser diode design has widened the treatment spectrum using a clustered diode technology, which in this case is a laser hair removal handpiece. The success of this laser diode design gave the laser solutions team at Leonardo Electronics US the opportunity to continue the partnership on more laser diodes using different wavelength combinations. Aspects that were addressed include:

  • Safety: With a proven safety record and minimal discomfort, the system is now able to target different tissue depths and structures within the hair follicle.
  • Optimal treatment spectrum: Multiple wavelengths absorb melanin chromophore more powerfully, meeting the needs of all skin types and colors, including tanned skin, light-colored hair and thin hair.
  • Treatment time: Procedure times are cut dramatically due to improved setup times, high average powers for deep penetration of the hair follicle, high repetition rates and fast treatment using a large spot size.

Leonardo Electronics US is a worldwide, leading supplier of medical laser components and subsystems for aesthetic, diagnostic and therapeutic laser treatments. We’ll provide you with the photonics behind your innovation.

Learn more about our capabilities in our white paper, Lightweighting Medical Systems through Improved Laser Diode Design:

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