Airborne Platforms Highlighted at XPONENTIAL 2018

XPONENTIAL 2018, AUVSI’s annual conference held in Denver, Colorado, earlier this month, provided a valuable cross-section perspective of the latest in unmanned vehicles and their emerging applications. Last year there was a general interest in autonomous vehicles, with automotive technology well-represented on the trade floor, as well as tremendous interest in technical papers, including our own, Increasing Field of View and Reducing Costs in Lidar. This year was almost exclusively airborne platforms, although there was still an interesting array of ground and aquatic vehicles, including a ‘transformer,’ with air and land operation.

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Four Reasons Dollars per Watt Is the Wrong Metric When Choosing Diode Pumps for High-Power Lasers

For all laser applications, including commercial and defense, a primary objective is to maximize performance while minimizing cost. Within the telecommunications industry, a common metric when selecting a laser diode is the cost of the laser divided by the power of the emitted light—dollars per watt. Although dollars per watt is an effective metric for commercial applications, it is an oversimplification when designing the optical pumping system for a high-power laser, especially for military lasers, for several reasons. 

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Meet the Team: John Goings, Account Manager for Defense Market

John Goings has worked with Lasertel for the last seven years in a number of different industries, most recently focusing on defense. John’s knowledge of both the defense industry and of direct diode sources helps him find best-fit solutions for customers’ applications.

We asked him how he sees the defense industry advancing and what customers should consider before purchasing laser diodes.

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Directed Energy Technology Outlook 2018

This fall, Lasertel sponsored the 2017 Directed Energy Day in Alexandria, VA. This high-level private summit brought top military leaders to discuss the emerging technology needs in directed energy.

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Case Study: T6 Laser Diode Arrays as a Scalable High-Energy Pump for Directed-Energy Applications

Lasertel's award-winning megawatt-class laser diode pump modules are the "laser within a laser" for the High Repetition Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS) at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL). The same modular laser diode technology proven in LLNL’s HAPLS laser is suited to many other high-power directed energy applications that demand improved power output.

The high-energy diode pump modules provide "first light" for systems such as the HAPLS, meaning that it is the Lasertel laser diodes that first convert electrical energy to optical energy; the HAPLS then amplifies that optical energy to petawatt levels via stimulated emission in a gain medium. The unique scalability of Lasertel's T6 diode arrays makes megawatt class pump modules possible. Every design decision, from the individual diode formulation and up, is driven by the goal to ensure that the T6 arrays can operate in tandem as the stackable "building blocks" of larger pump modules.

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