Show Summary: BiOS & Photonics West 2019


Earlier this month, Lasertel exhibited at SPIE’s 2019 BiOS and Photonics West. This year, the show hosted over 1,300 companies and facilitated a week full of research with over 5,000 presentations and courses. For Lasertel, the week started with exhibiting at the BiOS conference, highlighting the T6 high powered laser diode, the industry standard component for laser hair removal systems. 

Lasertel works closely with customers to co-develop laser diode-based medical laser systems, through supplying the diode components or partnering on a full FDA-cleared system, such as diode pumps for Alexandrite lasers. Different use cases for medical lasers in the aesthetic market were a common topic of discussion at the booth. To learn more about the growing aesthetic market, download our white paper.

Global Trends in the Aesthetic Laser Market


While at the show, Lasertel's Robert Walker also presented the paper, Ultra-short Pulse NIR and SWIR Laser Diode Illuminators for Automotive Lidar. The talk highlighted recent edge-emitter, VCSEL laser diode and drive electronics advancements, including operation of lidar sources at both 905nm and 1550nm when operated at pulse widths below 5ns. Lasertel also co-authored a paper, Thermoreflectance Imaging of Back-Irradiance Heating in High Power Laser Diodes at Several Operating Wavelengths with the University of Michigan and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. This paper attracted interest as it discussed the impact of back reflections on the performance of Lasertel’s high power laser diodes

The Lasertel team enjoyed conversations with the record amount of attendees who visited our booth in the South Hall during Photonics West. The product of most interest was our newly released high-powered illuminator for automotive autonomous applications. On display:

  • L1: a product which offers 240W of power in an integrated package with drive electronics and beam shaping optics, capable of pulse widths of 10ns
  • 500W SWIR: an illuminator with output wavelengths of 1550nm
  • 1MW Laser Diode Array: the world’s highest power and highest brightness diode laser

Photonics West and BiOS offered Lasertel an opportunity to speak to and learn with laser system makers in the defense, medical and automotive space. These valuable insights help fuel our innovation and solutions to the many challenges in emerging laser technologies. To learn more about how Lasertel can help with your next laser system, contact us today! 

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