New Tech Bridge between US & UK Navies to Further Vision of Interchangeability


The U.S and UK navies have combined their efforts to achieve interchangeability between the two operations. The new tech bridge will help to ease and speed innovation, allowing both navies to better access technologies from academia as well as large and small companies. By synchronizing pioneering capabilities, strengthening operating concepts and focusing collective efforts to deliver a combined seapower, the move toward interchangeability will strengthen the advantage of these allies in defense related missions.

Companies like Leonardo customize technologies to meet the differing requirements of US and UK platforms, and collaborations like the Tech Bridge offer means of better partnering and leveraging these technologies for faster time to market, ease of integration and economies of scale. Leonardo offers technologies that further the mission in UAV, directed energy, targeting and illumination, and artificial intelligence for radar and sensing.

This tech bridge, which joins the 15 currently established in the US, offers:

  • Increasing knowledge and sharing innovation with leading-edge tech companies and innovation partners
  • Collaborative environment
  • Accurate delivery of dual use solutions to the warfighter

A Tech Bridge is a connected network that enhances collaboration between the Naval Labs, industry, academia, other military branches, and provides access to state and local government agencies, allowing for rapid adoption of proven agility-enhancing methods that are ready for implementation, have high impact and broad applicability, and are likely to scale.

This new bridge will connect UK technology solutions to the Department of the Navy (DON) and will also partner US companies with UK industry. The two nations’ defense experts will be able to combine their innovation, such as new findings or information on artificial intelligence, unmanned and autonomy, biotechnology, space, and lasers/directed energy. In addition to connecting technology solutions, the Tech Bridge will develop the US Naval workforce’s abilities to leverage the network and resources in the UK.




The introduction of this latest Tech Bridge is further sign of the US and UK commitment to interchangeability, and offer new partnerships to speed the advance of key technologies

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