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Laser Designators

Type 163 Laser Target Designator

The Type 163 laser target designator is a lightweight, man-portable laser designed to provide laser designation for semi-active laser guided weapons and laser range finding up to 10 kilometers.

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Precision Guidance Seekers

Leonardo is a world leading independent provider of electro-optic seekers to missile manufacturers. We developed the first European electro-optic missile seeker in the 1970s for the Martel missile and have a long and successful history of providing innovative seeker capabilities to missile customers worldwide.

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Why choose Leonardo Electronics US Inc. Targeting Systems and Seekers?

Innovative product line: We invest heavily in the research and development of laser technology, including laser designators and precision guidance seekers, with a mission to bring our customers the most advanced sensor technologies.

Advanced design and manufacturing techniques: Our laser designators incorporate the latest laser technologies, particularly in the area of laser diode pumping, Nd:YAG slabs, optical parametric oscillators and high efficiency heat exchangers.

Versatile utilization: Our compact, low-weight laser designator rangefinders are available in standalone models and as systems that can be integrated into a variety of airborne platforms.

Proven success: We have decades of expertise developing next-gen, battle-proven sensor technologies that defend against emerging threats.


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