Precision Guidance Seekers

Vertically integrated seeker technologies

Leonardo specializes in the manufacture of Precision Guidance Seekers, or Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) I2R detectors that are designed for high performance, low-cost imaging in the 3 - 5μm or 9-12μm waveband and provide the highest environmental integrity along with the superior performance of focal plane detectors.

We have proven experience to work closely with customers and to create new concepts that can be developed into cost effective and high performance seeker solutions for a wide variety of weapon systems designs.

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  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • High accuracy laser spot acquisition and tracking
  • Compatible with multiple guided weapon types including missiles, bombs, and rockets
  • High performance from the uncooled imaging IR sensor with wide-angle sightline steering and stabilization
  • Very compact and affordable package
  • Compatible with Lock-on Before Launch or Lock-on After Launch concepts of operation, either of which can be autonomously driven or involve an operator in the loop
  • State of the art uncooled imaging IR sensing performance, building upon Leonardo’s pedigree from proven in-service uncooled imaging IR based guided weapon systems
  • Highly agile sightline steering and stabilization providing compatibility with severe weapon base motion and maximum flexibility for acquisition, tracking, and guidance techniques

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