December 17, 2020

What to expect in 2021 from Leonardo in the US

As Leonardo operations in the US work to close out 2020 with deliveries across a range of US programs, we are looking ahead to 2021. Whether government, security, medical, industrial or automotive, the advancements we’re working toward are strategically designed to support your needs and growth targets.

What can you expect to see from us next year?

  • We continue to grow and add talent to serve our customers. With the introduction of Leonardo Electronics US Inc’s new Treasurer and CFO, Vivek Upadhyaya, Leonardo adds expertise to ensure compliance with the most rigorous of standards for defense contractor integrity in accounting procedures, policies and processes. [Read more here]

  • As we move toward site selection for a new laser diode production facility, Leonardo expects to significantly increase capacity for high volume production

  • New engineering career opportunities across divisions to support further R&D, and advancements in software, including AI and machine learning in several product lines

  • New contract announcements for continued advancement of our high power laser arrays

We are grateful for the wellbeing of our workforce and customers in this challenging year, and look forward to continued collaboration with prime contractors, government labs and commercial innovators. We welcome the chance to discuss your program needs in the year to come.