BriteCloud AN/ALQ260(v1)

Expendable Active Decoy

The U.S. Air National Guard has issued a "fielding recommendation" for BriteCloud 218 Expendable Active Decoy by the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC), a U.S. Defense Department Test Program.

Designed for fast jet and fixed-wing aircraft, BriteCloud AN/ALQ260(v1) is a battery-powered, self-contained advanced digital countermeasure designed to enhance platform survivability by defeating RF-guided missiles and fire control radars.

As an off-board capability, the BriteCloud Digital RF Memory (DRFM), AN/ALQ260(v1) jammer addresses the ‘home-on-jam’ vulnerabilities inherent with onboard solutions, while a very quick deployment time creates a large miss distance, drawing the threat away from the platform.

Designed to be launched from a conventional decoy dispenser (55 or 218), BriteCloud AN/ALQ260(v1) has already been extensively trialed by the UK and other nations on platforms including the F16, Tornado, and Gripen.

  • BriteCloud AN/ALQ260(v1) is in production and ready for order now.


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Operational Benefits

  • Flexible and future-proof
  • Designed to defeat current and future threats
  • Mission reprogrammable enabling optimization against emerging threats
  • Highly effective at denying and disrupting radar target track

Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS)

Give your platform the best possible protection with EWOS. Our world class provision includes:

  • Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD)
  • Comprehensive training packages
  • Simple programming
  • Data and configuration management tools
  • Sovereign capability development


  • Self-contained battery powered Expendable Active RF Decoy
  • Significantly lower procurement cost than equivalent TRD technology
  • Easy to integrate, uses existing dispensers
  • Zero sustainment or maintenance costs
  • Provides ability for either pre-emptive or reactive threat counters
  • Antenna provides all round coverage


Britecloud datasheet LQ


  • Frequency band: H-J
  • Size: BC55 55 mm diameter, BC218 2 inch x 1 inch x 8 inch
  • Weight of round: BC55 1.1 kg, BC218 0.5 kg

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