Six Advantages of Direct Diode Heating for Industrial Laser Applications


Direct-Diode-Heating-OverviewMost manufacturing processes require some form of surface heating, but many products cannot be heated directly. Examples include shrink-wrapping, bonding, and annealing. Existing solutions include IR lamps, microwaves, and forced air. None of these methods are ideal—they can be imprecise, inefficient, or even a safety concern. Diode infrared lasers are emerging as an excellent non-contact method of heating surfaces. "Direct diode heating" refers to heating specific regions of a surface with patterned laser irradiation. 

Six Advantages of Direct Diode Heating: 

  1. Cost effectiveness: Diode lasers have electrical-to-optical "wall plug" efficiency of over 60%. This power efficiency coupled with low maintenance and long lives add up to considerable long-term cost savings and very short return-on-investment.
  2. Processing speed: Variable power and on-the-fly changes to beam shape allow direct diode heat treating systems to process materials much faster than other technologies.  No machine reconfiguration is required during the part change-outs, processing speeds are much faster,  and throughput is configurable. 
  3. Flexibility: A single diode laser system can provide multiple powers, beam sizes, and wavelengths from a simple user interface.
  4. Brightness: Diode lasers can offer a brightness over 10 kW/cm2, allowing for very fast processing times. 
  5. Reliability: Diodes lasers offer operational lifetimes over 50,000 hours.  They require no routine maintenance and degrade gradually over time in a predictable fashion.
  6. Compact: Direct diode heating systems can house the laser, optical elements, and even the drive electronics within a single, environmentally secured box. 

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To learn more about using direct diode heating for your industrial laser application, take a look at our direct diode source product page or download our white paper, Direct Diode Heating: Shaped Light Delivery for Heating Applications.

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