August 31, 2022

Nature Calls

How Leonardo’s thermal imagery technology has changed the way wildlife documentaries are made.

In November 2006, international cricket introduced new technology – as part of the Ashes Test Series in Australia – in an effort to deliver accurate umpiring decisions. Trials continued in the following years before BBC Sport introduced a new generation of Hot Spot, underpinned by Leonardo’s SLX Hawk thermal imaging camera, in 2012.

In 2013, the BBC also revealed the power and value of Leonardo’s thermal imaging sensors by adapting them to bring a new perspective to their wildlife documentary series. SLX SuperHawk and Merlin cameras enabled The Great British Year team, and teams working on AutumnWatch, to capture previously unseen nocturnal animal behaviors around the UK.

In order to adapt the equipment for these unique filming environments, Leonardo developed the SLX SuperHawk into a media industry product, with an aim to make the whole system portable and easy to use.

Thermal Imaging technology plays a role in many areas of our lives, from live sports and nature television programs to military operations, border control, and space exploration. Learn more about how Infrared detectors and Thermal Imaging sensors, are helping to keep us safe and expand our knowledge of the world we live in, and beyond.