December 8, 2023

DIRCM Required: The growing MANPADS threat for military and civil aviation

Though decades old, Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems (MANPADS) continue to threaten today's congested airspace, where regional instability fuels their proliferation. Leonardo's Miysis DIRCM system counters this threat by blasting missile seekers with laser energy and safeguarding lives, platforms, and missions.

The threat posed by MANPADS, portable anti-aircraft missile systems, remains a significant concern for both military and civilian aircraft operating in conflict zones or unstable regions. Despite a shift in focus towards larger, longer-range air defense systems, the proliferation of MANPADS continues, fueled by their ease of use, low cost, and effectiveness against low-flying aircraft. This threat is particularly acute in the Middle East and North Africa, where advanced MANPADS are readily available and regional instability persists.

Leonardo's Miysis DIRCM system directly addresses this evolving threat. Employing high-powered lasers, Miysis disrupts the heat-seeking guidance systems of MANPADS, effectively blinding them and protecting aircraft, passengers, and crew. Unlike traditional countermeasures like flares, Miysis offers unlimited "shots" throughout the mission and is demonstrably effective against the latest generation of MANPADS. As the security environment becomes increasingly complex and contested, Miysis stands as a critical defense tool for ensuring the safety of air operations in high-risk areas.

The threat from MANPADS has not disappeared, and as recent evidence has shown from independent organizations, the threat is continuing to evolve and grow, particularly in the MENA region. Whether it is a military or civil aircraft operating close to conflict zones or volatile regions, they will need a modern and operationally proven countermeasure system such as Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM to ensure that aircraft, passengers, and crew return home safely. 

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