Miysis DIRCM

Directed Infrared
Countermeasure System

MANPADS have become increasingly resistant to standard countermeasures, such as decoy flares. The most effective defense from MANPADS is to directly attack them with a high-power, multi-band, laser DIRCM system.

To counter this threat, Leonardo, a global leader in the development, manufacture, and support of airborne laser and electro-optic systems, has developed the Miysis DIRCM System which provides high power, all aspect protection against modern and legacy threats. The Miysis DIRCM System is in full production and is flying operationally.

The Miysis DIRCM System has market-leading size, weight, and power characteristics with no compromise of its proven self-protection jamming capability. The design utilizes the latest open architecture concepts, which allow it to be installed on an aircraft as a standalone DIRCM or integrated as part of a Defensive Aids System.

The system is small enough to be fitted to a lightweight helicopter and has the Energy-on-Target to protect a wide-bodied transport aircraft. No other DIRCM supplier delivers this level of combined, next-generation, capability in a readily-exportable package.

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  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Ideal for any platform – single solution for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Dependable, persistent, and proven protection from modern IR-guided missiles
  • Ability to defeat multiple/advanced threats including very short range and multiple missile firings
  • Flexible aircraft installation options, either as standalone operation or as part of a Defensive Aids System
  • Exceptionally high laser Energy-on-Target
  • Low through life cost and support requirements
  • Market-leading size, weight, and low power demand
  • Readily exportable, multi-band IRCM
  • All-aspect coverage and exceptional response speed
  • Open architecture and fully compatible with any DIRCM- capable UV or infrared Missile Approach Warners
  • Laser directly coupled and alignment free
  • Highly reliable and low-maintenance

Integrated Laser Pointer Tracker

  • Weight: <16 kg
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 183 mm x 270 mm x 341 mm
  • Power Consumption: Typical 190 W, Maximum 535 W

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