With over 60 years of experience in radar design, development and production, leading in the airborne radar market, we deliver truly state-of-the-art radar systems.

With over 450 units sold and more than 100,000 operational flight hours, the GRIFO Radar family, a fourth-generation X-band coherent pulse-Doppler multimode-multirole fire-control radar, provides advanced performance to new and upgraded aircraft.

The GRIFO E is the latest version of the GRIFO Radar Family and features a wider set of advanced and up to date capabilities and provides remarkable levels of situational awareness.

Furthermore, thanks to its modular architecture, based on a configurable number of compact Line Replaceable Units, GRIFO E can be easily customized and integrated adapting it to platform constraints.

The combination of cutting edge-technologies and modularity makes GRIFO E a powerful fire control radar that can be proposed for any Fighter or LCA.

Grifo E Radar_Image-1-1


  • AESA with high-efficiency low-consumption GaN technology
  • Multi-mode, multi-role X-band
  • Multiple channels fully pulse Doppler processed
  • High-speed DSP capacity
  • Simultaneous processing of modes
  • Full set of ECCM provisions
  • Tracking accuracy supporting missile release and guidance
  • Growth capability to extend the existing features, including sensor fusion with IRST
  • High scalability through absorption/cooling tuning/adjustment to meet aircraft constraints
  • High reliability for reduced maintenance and lower through-life support costs
  • Low overall weight and consumption

Operational Benefits

  • Broad suite of field proven air-to-air, air-to-surface and navigation modes supporting air defense and strike missions
  • Long-range detection and tracking of multiple targets in all scenarios: look-up and look-down, any altitude, any aspect
  • High resolution imaging: sub-metric SAR, MTI® on SAR and ISAR
  • Wide scan sector in azimuth and elevation
  • Fully controlled through avionic bus, for HOTAS and HMD designation
  • Modern, effective, flexible and operationally proven

Design Benefits

  • Multiple channel coherent receiver for advanced adaptive radar processing techniques
  • Air/liquid cooled
  • Wideband waveform for excellent high resolution performance
  • Four waveforms (LPRF, MPRF, MPRF look-up, HPRF), all including range and velocity de-stagger for optimal target detection in any clutter condition
  • Modular software architecture for radar modes update and customization
  • Easily customizable to overcome aircraft limitations (nose dimension, power and cooling)

Weapon System Integration

  • Multiple target tracking supporting accurate weapon aiming
  • Compatibility with modern IR missiles (e.g. AIM-9L M-X, Python 4)
  • Capable of BVR missile guidance
  • Support of CCIP and CCRP through precise air-to-surface ranging





  • Antenna size: Customizable to optimize installation on aircraft
  • Weight: 105kg to 160Kg, depending on antenna size
  • Absorbed power: 3.4kVA to 7kVA, depending on antenna size
  • Cooling: Liquid and air cooled
  • Frequency: X-band
  • Scan Coverage: Exceeding ± 60° (azimuth/elevation)

Key Parameters

  • Track while scan - 24 targets tracked
  • Track formation range versus fighter-sized targets from 40NM to 75NM
  • Look-up detection range versus fighter-sized targets from 45NM to 85NM


  • Track & Search
    • Track While Scan
    • Range While Search (Normal, Adaptive)
    • Velocity Search
    • Spot
  • Multiple Target Track (up to 8 targets)
    • Single target track
    • Situation Awareness Mode
    • Raid assessment
Air Combat
  • Air Combat
    • Slewable scan
    • Vertical
    • Boresight
    • Wide
    • Narrow

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  • Real Beam Ground Map
  • Doppler Beam Sharpening
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), with MTI®
  • Air-to-Ground Ranging
  • Fixed Target Track
  • Ground Moving Target Indicator and Track
  • Sea Surface Search and Track
  • Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) on Seaborne and Airborne targets
  • Simultaneous A/S-A/A mode
Navigation Support
  • Beacon interrogation
  • Weather Avoidance
  • Terrain Avoidance (fit for Autom. Terrain Following)
  • Simultaneous WA/GM
ECCM Capabilities
  • Low antenna sidelobes
  • Guard channel fully processed
  • Monopulse antenna
  • Multi channels fully processed for adaptive rejection of multiple Jammers
  • Low peak power; pulse compression
  • Random and adaptive frequency agility
  • DOJ, HOJ and AOJ
  • Provisions against
    • Range gate/velocity gate stealers
    • Noise jammers
    • CW jammers

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