April 2, 2024

Leonardo's Osprey Radar System Takes Flight with the US Navy

Leonardo is celebrating the successful integration of the Osprey radar system into the US Navy's new unmanned helicopter. Osprey is a multi-domain AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) surveillance radar used on users' strategic ISR platforms worldwide.

Leonardo UK recently interviewed Captain Dennis Monagle, the US Navy's Program Manager for Unmanned Systems. The interview highlights the strong relationship between the US Navy and Leonardo and the effectiveness of Osprey 30 for maritime performance of detecting and tracking. He said, "The US government is looking for the best-of-breed technology at the right price that fits the platform usage."  

Osprey excels at various tasks in air, land, and sea. It can track challenging targets on the water, map land in high resolution, find small and slow-moving objects on the ground, and even perform air-to-air surveillance. Additionally, the Osprey is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy integration on various aircraft.

Read the full interview.