December 6, 2022

Leonardo Electronics US Inc. Names a New CTO to Drive Laser Solutions Business Unit: Dr. Steve Patterson

Leonardo Electronics US Inc. has appointed Dr. Steve Patterson as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for its laser solutions business unit. The Tucson-based business unit designs and manufactures laser diodes for defense and commercial applications.

Dr. Patterson is a seasoned photonics executive with over 20 years of experience in the laser industry, leading operations and strategic development, particularly for the US Defense. A nine-year US Army veteran with service in the 1st Ranger Bn., Dr. Patterson holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Patterson is a published author of numerous technical papers and patents.

Dr. Patterson is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing all technical resources and establishing technology vision, strategies, and growth plans. Leonardo is a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom laser diodes in the United States, representing an opportunity for innovation at every stage of development.

Prabhu Thiagarajan, Senior Vice President, states, “Dr. Patterson has a strong track record of advancing technology to meet the needs of defense and commercial markets. With his direction, Leonardo will continue to build our leadership in areas like directed energy, targeting, and illumination.”

“This role presents a unique opportunity for me to guide the technology roadmap for critical applications. Leonardo invests in innovation, and I am proud to join such a talented team,” said Dr. Patterson.

Dr. Patterson joins a team of 220 and growing as CTO of the Tucson-based laser diode manufacturing unit.