Lightform™ Source

Output Power to 8000W 
Laser Source.

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Key Features

  • 8kW CW output power
  • User selectable line geometry
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Interchangeable protective window
  • Integrated pilot beam for positioning and beam size
  • Turn-key solution

Typical Specifications

Optical Parameters Units Typical Value
Optical Output Power W 8000
Wavelength nm 980
Wavelength Tolerance nm ±10
Working Distance mm 280
Spot Size (User Selectable via Control Unit)1 2 mm 3x12, 6x12, 3x24, 6x24
Pilot Laser
Wavelength nm 650
Output Power mW ~5
Environmental Conditions
Ambient Operating Temp °C 5 to 45 (Non-Condensing)
Storage Temperature °C 5 to 60
Operating Humidity % 10 to 80 (Non-Condensing)
User Interface
Local Laser Power Set Point    
Laser On/Off    
Beam Size    
Pilot Beam On/Off    
Remote Digital Signals VDC 24
Power Control VDC 0-10
Laser Control Unit Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage VAC 380/480 ±10%
Frequency Hz 47 to 63
Power Consumption kVA 16.5
Max Current Draw A 80
Operation Mode   CW or Modulated
Modulation Pulse Width (Minimum) msec 50
Modulation Rise/Fall Time msec 10
Chiller Parameters
Chiller Type   Liquid to Air
Operating Voltage VAC 380/480 ±10%
Frequency Hz 47 to 63
Power Consumption kVA 3.5
Max Current Draw A 18
Cooling Water Type   Distilled
Mechanical Specification
Laser Head Dimensions mm 290 x 680 x 200
Laser Control Unit Dimensions mm 675 x 800 x 1600
Chiller Dimensions mm 1530 x 1177 x 864
Laser Head Weight kg 35
Laser Control Unit Weight kg 200
Chiller Weight  kg 400

1. Spot size at working distance
2. Power Content: >90% energy enclosed