GEN III Semi-Active Laser Seeker

The GEN III Semi-Active Laser (SAL) seeker provides high accuracy laser spot acquisition and tracking capability in a very compact sensor package for precision weapon terminal guidance. It is compatible with multiple guided weapon types, including missiles, bombs, and rockets.

The complexity and dynamics of modern battlefield scenarios place challenging demands on guidance systems for precision attack weapons. The need for highly targeted, selective, and accurate terminal guidance across a broad range of scenarios cannot be achieved by GPS/INS systems alone.

The GEN III SAL seeker delivers unprecedented levels of seeker accuracy to maximize weapon cost-effectiveness under demanding guidance system requirements.

The GEN III SAL product provides a highly integrated complete sensor solution posing a minimal risk of compatibility issues for ease of integration.

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  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Compatible with NATO STANAG 3733 or raw pulse interval entry
  • Linear angular reporting across field of view, enabling the benefits of proportional closed-loop weapon guidance throughout target engagement
  • Single channel RS422 communication interface and simple to implement in host systems
  • Comprehensive Built-in-Test (BIT) functionality
  • Hermetically sealed rugged mechanical enclosure
  • Provides mounting position on seeker body for auxiliary sensor.


  • Spectral response: 1064+/-40 nm
  • Total circular field of view: 50 degrees
  • Acquisition sensitivity: Classified information upon request
  • False acquisition rate: < 1 per hour
  • Dynamic range: Classified information upon request
  • Angular accuracy: < 0.5° terminal accuracy
  • Input voltage range: 18-36 V dc, 28 V dc nominal preferred
  • Power dissipation: < 10 W
  • Dimensions:
    • Front diameter 51 mm x 142.5 mm length
    • Flange typical diameter 76 mm
  • Mass: 350 g typical
  • MTBF: Available upon request
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +71°C
  • Storage temperature: -50°C to +85°C
  • Altitude: >=25,000 ft ISA
  • Vibration: Proven against typical rotary wing spectrum

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