Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR)

The Hawk-C Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) detector is a compact and lightweight 640 x 512 Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly (IDCA). The detector is designed for high-performance, low-cost imaging in the 3-5 μm waveband.

To reduce size, weight, and power, the MCT (grown by the MOVPE process) is operated warmer than the standard Hawk IDCA, allowing the use of lower-powered coolers and promoting longer engine life.

Hawk-C is available either as an IDCA with a similar electrical interface to Hawk or proximity electronics.

The proximity electronics also provide the IDCA with drive signals and sensitive power supplies.

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  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical Drawings
  • Medium wave 3 - 5 μm
  • Small element 16 μm pitch enables miniaturization of the Dewar assembly and optics
  • High electro-optic performance with low crosstalk, automatic anti-blooming at the pixel level, and excellent sensitivity
  • Higher operating temperature
    • Longer cooler life
    • Less in-service support
    • Lower through-life cost
  • Flexible windowing gives enhanced frame rates over selected areas of the array
  • Variable gain via user-selectable integration capacitors
  • Snapshot or rolling readout operation
  • Simple to use with proximity electronics available


  • Array: 640 x 512 pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 16 µm
  • Active Area: 10.24 x 8.19 mm


Typical Performance

  • NETD: 20 mK (300 K, F/5.5, 50% well fill)
  • Pixel operability: 99.9% at 110 K
  • Modes: Snapshot or rolling reset
  • Charge capacity: 7 x 106 electrons
  • Number of outputs: 4
  • Pixel rate: 10 MHz per output
  • Array temperature: 110 K
  • F/#: 5.5 (standard, others available upon request)
  • Window material: Germanium
  • Window thickness: 1.25 mm
  • Cold filter material: Silicon
  • Cold filter thickness: 0.4 mm

ICDA With K563 Cooler (Typical Values, 20°C AMB)

  • Mass: 384 g (with CCM)
  • Cooler power supply: 12 V
  • Power consumption: 3 W steady state, 16 W cooldown
  • Cool down time: 180 sec 20°C amb
  • Operating temperature range: -35°C to +65°C


Proximity Electronics (Optional)

  • Power supply: 5 V
  • Power consumption: <2 W
  • Interface: LVDS, CameraLink compatible
  • Weight IDCA & proximity electronics: 435 g


Options Available Upon Request

  • Cooler: RM2


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