Precision Weapon Guidance System

The Compact I²R Seeker product is a precision guidance solution giving even small caliber weapons the capability to detect and track targets using high-performance uncooled infrared imagery and wide-angle sightline steering and stabilization in a very compact and affordable package.

In comparison with an equivalent conventional gimbal configuration, due to its unique design, the Compact I²R Seeker can achieve an approximately 30% reduction in caliber size, whilst maintaining high performance.

The complexity and dynamics of the modern land battlefield and short-range air defense scenarios place challenging demands on guidance systems for precision attack weapons, in particular for compact and low-cost systems. The requirement for highly target-selective and accurate terminal guidance across a broad range of scenarios cannot be achieved by GPS/INS, commanded, or designated line-of-sight systems alone.

Compact I²R Seeker builds upon Leonardo’s world-leading electro-optical seeking capabilities and has been developed to meet the increasing demand for affordable
and compact high precision-guided weapons.

The Seeker sensor, with its high-performance detection and tracking algorithms, is designed for compatibility with future surface or air-launched guided weapons and for the prosecution of modern battlefield and short-range air defense threats.

The Compact Seeker is equipped with a number of sub-modes, enabling the seeker to work with customer-developed detection and tracking algorithms or to retain Leonardo’s high-performance algorithms.

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Compact Seeker
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Compatible with Lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) or Lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) concepts of operation, either of which can be operated autonomously or via an operator
  • Baseline body caliber of 76.2 mm and a mass of approximately 1.5 kg
  • Body caliber tailorable to higher caliber systems to offer additional performance benefits
  • Uncooled imaging IR sensing performance, building upon Leonardo’s pedigree from proven in-service uncooled imaging IR-based guided weapon systems
  • Highly agile sightline steering and stabilisation providing compatibility with severe weapon base motion and maximum flexibility for acquisition, tracking, and guidance techniques
  • Spectral response: 8-12 um long-wave infrared
  • Baseline variant 480 x 640 array format
  • High-resolution field of view
  • Field of regard: > 40° (full-angle)
  • Sightline Slew Acceleration: > 100 rad/s²
  • Angular reporting accuracy: < 2 mrad
  • Input voltage range: 28 V DC nominal
  • Power dissipation: < 50 W (mean)
  • Dimensions: 76.2 mm diameter x < 230 mm length (excluding external connectors and IMU)
  • Mass: < 1.5 kg
  • Operating temperature: Proven against -40°C to +71°C
  • Storage temperature: -50°C to +85°C
  • Latex: Proven against sustained 30 g
  • Vibration: Proven against typical > 4 g ms spectrum

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