HITFACT MkII 105-120 Turret

State of the art solution in terms of firepower,
connectivity, and survivability

The combination of the HITFACT® MkII turret frame, made of high-performance ballistic alloy, and the low recoil force gun allows the installation on board of light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks, providing the user with the same firepower of a Main Battle Tank with great accuracy, without impairing tactical and strategic mobility.

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  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Made with high-performance ballistic alloy
  • Modular and light design
  • Low recoil force gun
  • Superior accuracy
  • Automatic ammunition loading system
  • Manual or remotely operated
  • Higher penetration capability
  • Enhanced safety with shock absorbers
  • Day and night IR thermal cameras
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Turret frame of ballistic alloy with spall liner and add on armor according to STANAG 4569
  • Anti-mine seats
  • Laser warning system
  • Fire Extinguishing/Anti-Explosion system
  • Anti RC-IED


  • Main armament: 120/45 mm, 105/52 mm
  • Auxiliary armament:
    • Coaxial machine gun: 1x7.62 mm
    • Remote weapon station: HITROLE®
    • External MG (Alternative to RWS): 1x7.62 mm or 1x12.7 mm
    • Smoke grenades launchers: 8 dischargers


  • All standard NATO according to STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4458
  • Ammunition compartment: anti-blast
  • Loading system: manual or automatic

Sight Systems

  • Commander sight: Stabilized with day and night IR thermal cameras and eye-safe LRF
  • Gunner sight: Stabilized with day and night IR thermal cameras and eye-safe LRF
  • Backup: Mechanically linked direct view

Electrical Servo Systems

  • Training arc: Unlimited
  • Elevation arc: -7/+16

Communication and BMS

  • Radio System: HF+VHF+UHF+UHF+LB+SAT
  • Intercom: Digital

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