HITFACT MkII 105-120 Turret

State-of-the-art solution in terms
of firepower, connectivity, and survivability

The combination of the HITFACT® MkII turret frame, made of high-performance ballistic alloy, and the low recoil force gun allows the installation on board light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks, providing the user with the same firepower of the Main Battle Tank with great accuracy, without impairing tactical and strategic mobility.

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  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Made with high-performance ballistic alloy
  • Modular and light design
  • Low recoil force gun
  • Superior accuracy
  • Automatic ammunition loading system
  • Manual or remotely operated
  • Higher penetration capability
  • Enhanced safety with shock absorbers
  • Day and night IR thermal cameras
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  •  NATO qualified, combat proven, in production and in service
  • Main armament modularity: 105/52 mm as well as 120/45 mm
  • Main armament low recoil force
  • HITFACT® family exceeding 500 units in service with several Armies
  • Suitable for light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks


  •  2 or 3 man and an automatic ammunition loading system, in accordance with the User requirement


  • Main armament: 120/45 mm, 105/52 mm
  • Auxiliary armament:
    • Coaxial machine gun: 1x7.62 mm
    • Remote weapon station: HITROLE®
    • External MG (Alternative to RWS): 1x7.62 mm or 1x12.7 mm
    • Smoke grenades launchers: 8 dischargers


  • All standard NATO according to STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4458
  • Ammunition compartment: anti-blast
  • Loading system: manual or automatic

Sight Systems

  • Commander sight: Stabilized with day and night IR thermal cameras and eye-safe LRF
  • Gunner sight: Stabilized with day and night IR thermal cameras and eye-safe LRF
  • Backup: Mechanically linked direct view

Electrical Servo Systems

  • Training arc: Unlimited
  • Elevation arc: -7/+16


  • Internal spall liner and add on armor according to STANAG 4569
  • Anti-mine seats
  • Laser warning system
  • Fire Extinguishing/Anti-Explosion system
  • Anti RC-IED

Communication and BMS

  • Radio System: HF+VHF+UHF+UHF+LB+SAT
  • Intercom: Digital

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