OTO 76/62 SR

Super Rapid Gun Mount

The OTO 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) Gun Mount is a light weight, rapid-fire naval gun providing unrivaled performance and flexibility in any air defense and antisurface role, particularly in an anti-missile role.

Capability for very effective engagement of shore based targets is also provided for unique multi-role performance. The OTO 76/62 SR is suitable for installation on ships of any type and class, including small naval units.

Interface to a large variety of ship’s Combat Management System and/or FCS/EOS is provided, according to digital as well as analogical standard, including open architecture. The Firing rate can be selected from single shot to 120 rds/min. In operational conditions the tactical time is less than 3 seconds and the standard deviation at firing is less than 0.3 mrad, thus providing excellent accuracy.

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  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
Flexibility for being fitted with optional:
  • Integral Stealth Shield to reduce the total RCS of the ship
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar to update the FCS of eventual deviations from range table values
  • Multi Feeding Device for the automatic handling, selection, and feeding of any type of ammunition loaded
  • OTO STRALES system - a guidance system for the OTO DART guided projectile


Gun Mount Capabilities
Basic functions
  • Gun Control algorithms/obstacle contouring
  • BITE on line
  • FCS Interfaces (digital, analogical, CORBA protocol etc.)
  • Control Panel Interfaces/Man Machine Interface
Expanded functions
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation on line (Manuals on line and PMS)
  • Log Book (for management support)
  • Guideline
  • Black Box
  • Rate of fire: 120 rds/min
  • Dry Weight (without ammunition): 7900 kg
  • Training arc (with slip ring): Unlimited
  • Elevation arc: -15° to +85°
  • Training speed/acceleration max: 60°/sec (72°/sec2)
  • Elevation speed/acceleration: 35°/sec (72°/sec2)
  • Ready-to-fire-rounds: 80 (on gun mount)
  • Range (max): 16000 m standard ammo, 20000 m with extended range OTO SAPOMER Ammunition, 40000 m with guided long range (GLR), OTO Vulcano 76 ammo (in development)
  • Cooling system: Sea water-fresh water for flushing
  • Electrical power supply: 440 V, 3 -phase, 60 Hz, main circuit, 115 V, I -phase, 400 Hz, servo and synchro network

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