April 4, 2023

Introducing our Fiber Amplifier to support high energy fiber laser systems

With the introduction of Leonardo’s new A20 fiber amplifier, Leonardo expands its product portfolio for supporting high-energy laser programs critical to the US military strategy. The fiber amplifier is the core building block for fiber laser systems. The A20 is the first in a line of fiber amplifiers specifically designed for a variety of beam combining methods.   

Leonardo’s entry into the fiber amplifier market builds upon its reputation for innovation in low SWaP-C packaging, modularity, and ruggedized laser systems, with a proven track record in defense platforms and applications. Customizable and scalable, the fiber amplifier furthers our commitment to supporting a comprehensive directed energy product development strategy. 

Ruggedized for military use, with prototypes now available, the fiber amplifier offers the following:

  • Low size and weight
  • Integrated electronics and controls
  • Modular and scalable design

As industry experts emphasized in a recent panel on high-energy laser systems, directed energy laser weapons are seen as the key technology to address the array of asymmetric threats to our Armed Forces and Allies. Leonardo Electronics Inc. is committed to supporting the warfighter with dependable laser components, easily integrated into ground, sea, and air platforms.

Leonardo’s Tucson-based laser solutions engineering team continues to research and develop new laser solutions, from diode to fiber lasers, to meet the emerging needs of its defense partners.

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