Automotive Lidar and Sustainability: Movin’ On 2018 in Review


At this year’s Movin’ On, a conference Forbes calls, “SXSW meets CES meets NAIAS, but with a French flair and cutting-edge staging and production”, attendees witnessed tomorrow’s mobility solutions. Mass transit, electric boats, and ride-and-drive concept cars from Tesla, BMW, Honda, Nissan and others—the event promoted innovation and collaboration between startups, emerging growth and Tier 1 companies.



Lidar is a key enabler for autonomous vehicles, which experts believe will be part of the answer to improving sustainability in transportation. While autonomous vehicles will have modest impact on congestion and actually encourage more travel, it will allow for more efficient driving practices, including platooning (a train of vehicles), increased ride sharing, and improved crash avoidance. The total impact to fuel consumption varies from study to study, but could be as high as 40% reduction in road energy.

LeddarTech’s concept car, demonstrating their lidar sensor technology, is one such example of collaboration that breaks through the barriers of autonomous vehicle adoption. Their ecosystem brings together best-in-breed component manufacturers to offer a reference design for tier 1 automotive manufacturers. (Check back or subscribe for more on this.)

MovinOn Jeep MovinOn Screen


With a need to drive out cost and size while achieving performance targets in resolution, field of view and image processing speeds, automotive manufacturers benefit from scalable components built upon LeddarTech’s proprietary signal processing software. The result? An agile automotive 3D flash lidar module that can speed Tier 1 manufacturers’ time to market.

With innovative exhibitors and significant commitment from market leaders like Michelin, this conference showcases the technologies that can make a real difference to the safety and sustainability of the automotive industry.

As one Movin’ On panelist stated, “The country demands transport that’s cheap, safe and environmentally sustainable. The industry is ready.”

Said another, “This is not just an evolution in transportation—it’s literally a revolution.”

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