The New Generation Lightweight Torpedo

BLACK ARROW is a lightweight Torpedo designed and entirely developed by WASS to meet all challenging operational requirements for ASW.

Although derived from technology generated by WASS in the development of A244/S Mod.3, A290, and MU90 LWT and of BLACK SHARK HWT, BLACK ARROW includes a number of conceptual innovations and inventions that make it uniquely capable in the world in terms of flexibility, performance, and reduced Life Cycle Cost.

BLACK ARROW is the new lightweight Torpedo entirely designed by WASS with the purpose of facing threats represented by conventional, nuclear submarines and ships.

BLACK ARROW is the result of the technology developed by WASS to create the other lightweight torpedoes A244/S Mod. 3, MU90, and the heavyweight torpedo BLACK SHARK; however, it involves a number of conceptual innovations and inventions that make it practically unique in the world as regards flexibility, performance, and low-cost maintenance for the whole life cycle of the product.

BLACK ARROW is designed to be launched from conventional platforms (ships, aircraft, and helicopters) and other ones like UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) and USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles).

It has a rechargeable battery with lithium-polymer technology that makes it particularly cost-effective; in fact, unlike the conventional lightweight torpedoes that foresee a one-shot battery, it can be launched many times in exercise configuration without the need to replace it.

The Navigation System is formed by an inertial platform called an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), a press meter, and dedicated piloting software. Four independent rudders placed at 45° with respect to the ground plane optimize the system's ability to be maneuvered and controlled in space, thus enabling it to perform extremely accurate maneuvers.

BLACK ARROW represents an “insensitive” weapon according to NATO rules, and it can be configured both with a directive and an omnidirectional warhead.

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