SWave® Airborne SDR SRT-800 provides secure and cyber resilient connectivity in the air-to-air and air-to ground domains for military and civil agencies looking for reliable radio communications spanning the entire battlespace.

SWave® Airborne SDR SRT-800 is designed to guarantee superior performance on any fixed/ rotary wing aircraft, manned or unmanned.

The success or failure of military actions strongly relies on accurate information. From this viewpoint, the recent advancement of communication technology is of great importance in forming the structure of Network Enabled Capability (NEC). NEC combines key elements from different organizations – instructive, procedural,
technical, organizational and human – and merges them into a single network, thus enabling them to interact, achieve, and maintain notable strategic superiority.

Leonardo’s answer to NEC requirements is the cutting edge SWave® Airborne SDR SRT-800 radio. This airborne radio is based on the company’s latest Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology

A single SDR is designed to replace various traditional avionics units such as UHF/VHF communications radio, SATCOM, and crypto computer. SDR was specifically developed with the idea of a single communication platform having the capability to be completely reconfigurable with software that’s based on several different communication modes. Due to its SCA compliance, SRT-800 provides a highly versatile and flexible communications option.

SWave® Airborne SDR SRT-800 is the latest in Leonardo’s SDR family, which includes man-portable, vehicular and naval radios. The SDR solution can be tailored to customer requirements ranging from integration of the airborne SRT-800 into an existing network up to delivery of a complete communication solution.


Leonardo is one of the leading partners of the ESSOR (European Secure Software Defined Radio) consortium, whose purpose is to establish a shared EU radio architecture, ensuring that all products of the SWave SDR family are compatible and compliant with the development of new waveforms.


  • Software reprogrammable in the field (SCA compliant)
  • Software programmable crypto appliqué
  • Narrow and wide band waveforms
  • EPM capability
  • Compatible with ICAO Annex 10 and ED-23C, including FM immunity
  • Beyond line-of-sight capability
  • Interoperable with NATO standards
  • Ability to host indigenous SCA waveforms and cryptographic algorithm
  • Control via MIL-BUS-1553 or ARINC-429 or RS-485
  • Compact and lightweight with low power consumption

Technical Specifications


  • Coverage: 30- 2000 MHz
  • VHF: 30-88 MHz close air support
  • VHF: 108-118 MHz navigation
  • VHF: 118-137 MHz air traffic control
  • VHF: 137-156 MHz land mobile
  • VHF: 156-174 MHz maritime
  • UHF: 225-512 MHz military
  • UHF: 512 – 2000 MHz (growth)


  • AM: 16 W
  • FM: 20 W
  • SATCOM: 100 W


  • VLOS: AM/FM voice and data
  • ATC in the 118-137 MHz band (8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channels)
    with embedded FM immunity i.a.w ED-23C
  • HaveQuick/HaveQuickII (STANAG 4246)
  • SATURN (STANAG 4372)
  • SINCGARS (MIL-STD 188-241-1)
  • Selfnet® EASY II
  • Selfnet® Soldier Broadband Waveform
  • ESSOR’s High Data Rate Waveform
  • Data MIL-STD-188-220D
  • Link-11 with external modem
  • Sonobuoy with external modem
  • Maritime in the 137-156 MHz band
  • Capability to host indigenous SCA waveforms

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  • Independent tunable guard receiver


  • Programmable Cryptographic Appliquè (upgradable for crypto modernization): KY-58, KY-100, KG-84A/C, Italian Algorithm
  • Compatible with external cryptos
  • Capability to host indigenous algorithms


  • Dedicated: MIL-STD-188-181B
  • 5 kHz DAMA: MIL-STD-188-182A
  • 25 kHz DAMA: MIL-STD-188-183A
  • Integrated waveform
  • Data: MIL-STD-188-184


  • Remote control panel SP-2083/X
  • High Power Amplifier (SATCOM)
  • Low Noise Amplifier (SATCOM)

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