New Laser Obstacle Avoidance and Monitoring System

LOAM-V2 is the Leonardo new generation Obstacle Warning System, it belongs to the product family of active obstacle warning systems, as the previous generation Laser Obstacle Avoidance and Monitoring (LOAM).

Its design took advantage of the know-how and experience gained with the operational feedback of the LOAM operating on NH90, EH-101, and CH-47 helicopters.

Particularly compact in size at only 13 kg, the LOAM-V2 provides a lighter and reduced form factor (50% less volume, 30% less weight) to allow for the installation on smaller helicopters while featuring a number of brand new capabilities.

During flights at low altitudes, obstacles even of small dimensions, such as wires, are a real threat to the safety of flight, so LOAM-V2 supports operations under good and degraded visual environmental (GVE and DVE) conditions along the flight path by providing obstacle warning to enhance the situational awareness. LOAM-V2 can be seamlessly integrated with active and passive sensors such as radar, video cameras, fixed or steerable, visual or infra-red, as well as with systems based on obstacle static databases such as HTAWS and GPWS and digital maps DTED, DSM, DVOF.



New Dual-Use  LOAM-V2 Anti-Collision System Launched

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LOAM V2 helo
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Smaller SWaP
  • Eye-safe IEC Class 1 laser system
  • Wider Field of Regard to provide look-into-turn
    and anticipated warning generation
  • Capable to provide detailed features – terrain and obstacles – recognition (3D Points Cloud) enabling advanced processing
  • Flight condition optimized behavior
    • Cruise mode is meant to protect the flight trajectory with warning generation against obstacles or safety line but both data available at the same time for display
    • Hover Mode is meant to protect the entire helicopter against unintended strikes with terrain features or obstacles
  • Digital output, after each scan, of:
    • the entire list of the detected obstacles (3D geo-referenced coordinates)
    • safety line points
    • warning details
    • sector(s) of concern in Hover mode
    • 3D Points Cloud
  • Aural Warnings
    • Analog (3 levels)
    • Digital trigger


  • Dimensions 220 x 250 x 290 mm
  • Weight 13.3 Kg
  • Power 120 W @ +28 VDC
  • Eye Safety Class 1 i.a.w IEC 60825-1:2014


  • Scanning Pattern Palmer Scan
  • Scanning Rate 2 Hz
  • Field of View 40° x 30°
  • Field of Regard 70° x 60°
  • Detection Range 450 m (5 mm wire @90⁰, 1,000 m visibility)


  • Operative Modes Cruise, Hover
  • Warning Generation
  • Cruise, against obstacles or safety line
  • Hover against terrain and obstacles
  • Design Assurance
  • Software i.a.w RTCA DO-178C DAL C
  • Complex Hardware i.a.w RTCA DO 254 DAL C
  • ENV, EMI/EMC qualification i.a.w RTCA DO-160G
  • Anti-Icing protection


  • Control RS-422 (preferred) or ARINC 429, Ethernet
  • Navigation and Attitude data from H/C ARINC 429 (preferred) or RS-422
  • Output Data Ethernet (preferred) or ARINC 429
  • Input / Output Discretes including Weight on Wheels and Digital Audio Trigger
  • Analog Audio Output
  • Optional Video I/O

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 60825-1:2014
  • RTCA DO-160G
  • RTCA DO-178C
  • RTCA DO-254

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