Aircraft and Mission Management System

The AMMS is a powerful computing system designed to provide processing features to rotary wing aircraft, including Navigation & Flight Management, Cockpit Display Management, and Aircraft Plants Management.
The System is composed of:
  • Two AMMCs Units (the Computer Core)
  • Two Data Transfer Units
  • A Control Panel

The AMMS provides the capabilities to acquire, process, and manage information and aircraft plant data from EFIS/EICAS, relevant CNI equipment, and AFCS, in a reliable, high performance environment. It is based upon a core consisting of two identical computers (AMMC, Aircraft and Mission Management Computers), synchronised and concurrently performing the same operations in a master/hotstandby architecture, which allows, in case of failure of the Master, a totally automatic reconfiguration for all system functionalities, therefore resulting in a high mission availability.

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  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Redundant LRI configuration
  • PowerPC G4 MCS-E 500Mhz processor
  • Easy addition of additional processor module and I/O
  • I/O configuration for different aircraft
  • COTS RTOS based on I-178B by Green Hills
  • Dedicated equipment software and ADA
    development environment for application
  • Digital maps: symbol generation & vectorial layers
  • Synthetic voice generator
  • Redundant MIL-STD 1553B I/F operates as BC/BM/RT
  • High communication throughput
    • Ethernet 10/100 baseT
    • MIL-STD-1553b
    • ARINC 429
    • ARINC 739
    • RS485 HDLC
  • AFDX Copper/Optical I/F compliant with ARINC664
  • High data storage capability (up to 8GB)
  • Civil specification compliance
    • RTCA/DO-160D
    • RTCA/DO-254
    • RTCA/DO178B
  • AMMC is a 1 ATR size housing, with integrated power supply and up to 13 MCS standard boards.
  • Processor G4 MCS-E Power PC 500 MHz, 256MB RAM, 96MB Flash, 2MB cache, with a 2MB NOVRAM.
  • Synthetic Voice Generator
  • Digital Map Generator: G4 MCS-E with graphic mezzanine for map generation functionality



  • 2 MIL-STD-1553 BUS I/F BC/BM/RT
  • 20 TX ARINC 429 and 34 RX ARINC 429 channels
  • 4 TX and 4 RX ARINC 429 Non-Time-Framed channels
  • 250 Discrete Input Signals
  • 17 Discrete Output Signals
  • 6 AC Analogue High Level
  • 54 DC Analogue Input
  • 17 Accelerometers sensors
  • Magnetic Pick-Up
  • STANAG 3350 RGB Video output
  • Synthetic Voice Generator

Technical Features (AMMC)

  • Size: 1 ATR Short
  • Weight: 15.2Kg (bi-processor)
  • Power requirements: 115VAC @ 400Hz
  • Power consumption: 180W
  • Cooling: Forced air cooling (ARINC 600)
  • MTBF: 2500 operating hours.

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