AOC Conference_2023

AOC International Symposium & Convention

December 11-13 | National Harbor, MD


High Power Pump Diodes for Petawatt

Leveraging AI in ISR

Leveraging AI in ISR: Threat Recognition Across Diverse Data for Comprehensive Emitter Analysis

Directed Energy Weapons

Powering the Next Generation of Directed Energy Weapons

Falcon Shield

Leonardo Falcon Shield: Defending Against Drone Threats in Modern Warfare

Multi-Domains Sensors

Rapid Response Solutions for Multi-Domain Operations: Supporting Your Mission's Success


New Laser Technology From Leonardo Could Lead to Breakthroughs in Green Energy, Novel Medical Therapies, and Advanced Imaging Capabilities


Powering World-Changing Research

Bringing the Speed of Commercial Innovation to US Defense & Security

Leonardo Electronics US Inc. offers laser diode and sensor solutions to accommodate the toughest challenges and environments to support defense and commercial applications. 

Leonardo Electronics US Inc. provides optimized size, weight, and performance (SWaP) laser diode solutions for top performance across the broadest range of applications making Leonardo Electronics US Inc. the dominant supplier of pump diode solutions for advanced targeting systems worldwide and leading multi-wavelength direct diode solutions for aesthetic laser treatments in the US. In addition, we are the laser system supplier to Apache, F35, and other DoD programs.

With our comprehensive sensor product solutions in radar, infrared systems, electronic warfare, avionics, services, and integrated solutions, Leonardo covers every possible operating scenario: air, land, sea, and space to provide superior protection of critical assets. We invest in technologies that can benefit both military and civilian markets, developing dual-use and multifunctional systems for various applications.

Our vertically integrated model provides you with US sales and support.

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