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Medical Laser Solutions

Our laser components and subsystems allow us to be the leading supplier for aesthetic, diagnostic, imaging, treatment and therapeutic lasers.

Work with our engineering team to improve the performance of lightweight medical lasers, as well as the patient and practitioner experience. Lasertel is a reliable supply chain partner for laser diode sources all the way up to integrated medical systems. 

Lasertel works closely with customers to co-develop laser diode-based medical laser systems, whether we're just supplying the diode components or partnering to design a full FDA-cleared system.



  • Optoacoustic / Photoacoustics
  • Imaging
  • Onychomycosis treatment
  • Blood oxygenation monitoring
  • Laser-based treatment of MRSA infections
  • Diode laser glucose meters

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Want more? Download the white paper, Lightweighting Medical Systems through Improved Laser Diode Design.

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