Product development and testing

Our Huntsville location hosts dedicated engineering and research and development teams responsible for creating some of our most advanced products. We conduct rigorous environmental stress testing and firing of our laser products, many of which are produced in Huntsville. It is here that we also provide dedicated product support services for our customers.

Repair and support services

When customers need repairs or other support services for Leonardo products, they can count on US-based repairs in our Huntsville facility to reduce downtime. Our domestic support services ensure that our US military customers, as well as our customers from commercial enterprises, receive timely and accurate repairs on the critical equipment they trust in their everyday operations.

The support services out of our Huntsville facility include Leonardo product lines such as:

  • Avionics equipment
  • Airborne lasers and targeting sensors
  • Laser designators
  • Infrared (IR) countermeasure systems
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Maritime surveillance radar

The support staff at Leonardo Electronics US Inc. is dedicated to providing customers with timely and comprehensive repairs and service for these and other Leonardo products.

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