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Completely vertically integrated, Leonardo's Tucson facility manufactures the laser diode and packages as well as customized beam shaping and collimating optics. Leonardo has pointer and illuminator products inside man-portable, UAV, rotary or fixed wing platforms and are fully MIL qualified. 


  • 760nm to 1700nm
  • Hermetically sealed, epoxy-free output window
  • Custom beam shapes & sizes
  • Options for integrated red aiming beam, power monitor, temperature sensor
  • Options for internal polarizer, homogenizer
  • Multiple wavelengths in a single housing

Our engineering team is a valued partner to defense programs looking to push prior limitations of range and precision in high-power illuminators and highly collimated pointers. Our US based manufacturing has the proven ability to scale and support long-term defense programs and excel at tailored laser diode packaging and beam conditioning.

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Download the free whitepaper, Direct-Diode Laser Illumination and Pointing at Eye-Safe SWIR Wavelengths, to learn more about Leonardo innovations in 1550nm wavelength laser diodes for free-space military applications.

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