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Direct Diode Laser Sources

To meet the tough demands of your industrial customers and applications, your laser system design must ensure precise temperature control, lower total cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance.

Direct diode lasers can help build this advantage in laser cladding systems, with:

  • Reduced cooling—1/4 the energy of a CO2 laser
  • Design flexibility—smaller size, reduced limitations on beam source, cooling unit and machining unit proximity
  • Electrical efficiencies—as high as 50%
  • Reliability—30,000 to 100,000 hours

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In partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Leonardo's laser solutions facility, formally Lasertel, manufactured a single diode stack capable of producing over 1 Megawatt.

LightForm Direct Diode

Leonardo’s LightForm direct diode sources are a flexible and high-performing choice for laser cladding or heat treating systems. Our engineering team can help to develop a direct diode laser that improves the overall reliability and performance of your system.

Laser Cladding System utilizing Leonardo's LF-8 laser diode:

Wavelength 980nm
Laser Power 8kW
Mode of Operation CW or Modulated
Working Distance 280nm
Spot Size 3x12, 6x12, 3x24, 6x24
Laser Head Dimensions 290x680x200mm
Laser Head Weight 35kg
Warranty 1 year


The LightForm direct diode offers higher performance and greater versatility at 25% less cost than major competitors. 

One laser cladding customer’s system, used to hardface wear rings with 2mm thick cladding, has reduced line shutdown from monthly to once a year, saving as much as $385,000 annually. Our partnership with this laser cladding customer has provided them with a compelling competitive advantage.

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