2024 AFA Warfare Symposium Preview

Explore the Leonardo Electronics US booth #1232 and connect with our team.

Products Displayed at AFA Warfare Symposium

BriteCloud 55-T


Electronic Warfare
  • Expendable active decoy AN/ALQ 260(V1)
  • For A/C & war fighter maximum self protection & survivability
    • Advanced RF Countermeasure Active DRFM Decoy
    • Utilizes existing CMDS: no A/C integration modifications
    • Effective against SAM, AAM, TTR, and all modern & legacy RF guided threats
    • Fully separates from A/C: creates extremely large miss distance
    • True ‘fire and forget’: independently identifies and defeats active threats
    • TRL 9 / MRL 9 deployed capability, available now

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Electronic Warfare
  • Electronic support measures single-platform geo-location
    • Integrated RWR
    • Low SWaP ~ 50 lbs
    • Simultaneous track, ID (Categorize), and record mult-100’s of emitters
    • Full data recording
    • TRL 9 –fielded on multiple platforms
    • Support of post-mission analysis and threat library building
Skyward S

Skyward - S

Infrared Systems
  • Infrared search and track (IRST) for electro-optical passive search/detection/acquisition/tracking of multiple airborne/ground targets
    • Reconfigurable for aircraft (internal) installation and (external) pod installation
    • Passive Ranging Function (PRF) – No use of radiometric data
    • Integrated Processor Unit & Sensor Head Unit; LWIR waveband; 170°x120° full volume scan
    • SWaP Optimized: Single (LRU) configuration; Power consumption < 300 W; 62 pounds
    • TRL 9 / MRL 9 - Available Today
    • ITAR free; 100% Leonardo design and IPR

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