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Case Studies

Food packaging

Laser diodes are used for a variety of applications including the welding of food packaging and shrink wrapping. Leonardo’s T6 laser diode has been used as a direct diode heating source to replace a heated electrical coil element for seam welding and shrink wrapping.

These diodes allow for precision heat delivery, which prevents unwanted heating of residue materials. These highly efficient laser diodes do not create ambient heat and greatly reduce environmental and operating costs.


Leonardo's T6 water cooled laser diode

Semiconductor annealing

Laser diodes are used for rapid thermal annealing systems and other manufacturing processes that require uniform and precise energy delivery. Free-space direct diode systems offer:

  • Directional heat
  • Temperature directed control
  • Physical space savings
  • Electrical savings
  • Long and predictable operating lifetime
In a semiconductor environment, where downtime can cost $1M per minute, laser diodes represent a significantly reduced total operating cost.

Key Technologies

Leonardo Electronics US is capable of engineering a system that pairs our industrially rugged T6 diode with our advanced beam shaping optics. The highly customizable laser diode system offers an extremely high degree of beam uniformity, homogenization and a range of beam sizes and shapes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Beam collimation
  • Beam homogenization
  • Line generation
  • Variable working distances, depths of field
  • User selectable beam shapes

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