Lasertel Capabilities

  • Semiconductor laser diodes
  • Beam shaping and collimating optics
  • Control and power electronics
  • Final system-level assembly
  • Environmental testing
  • MIL, Medical, Automotive qualification
  • 760nm to 1700nm
  • Direct diode sources and systems
  • Repetition frequencies from 1Hz to CW
  • Software development
  • Graphical user interface
  • CDRH, FDA, CE, UL certification
  • AS9100:D, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO/TS 16949:2009

Semiconductor Growth & Processing

High efficiency molecular beam epitaxy wafer growth technology.

Proprietary technology to support operation across a range of operating temperatures

Multiple peak wavelength designs from 760nm to 1700nm

Micro-optic Fabrication

Molecular Beam Epitaxy enables Lasertel to precisely control the semiconductor laser properties and ensure that the desired operating wavelength is obtained with a high degree of accuracy.

Low Stress Wafer Process ensures that low “smile” bar assemblies are obtained and that stress does not adversely contribute to device reliability.

Advanced Technology for Laser Facet Protection (EMOF) enables the elimination of catastrophic optical mirror damage as a failure mechanism.


Opto-Electronic Assembly

Hard soldered expansion matched materials enable operation across in harsh environments across a wide range of temperatures.

Precision micro-optics to provide collimation in both the fast and slow axes as well as custom beam shaping and homogenization.

Novel heatsink designs incorporated in fluid cooled CW arrays are designed to for operation with a range of fluid types.

Custom assemblies (sub-assemblies, assemblies and full turn-key systems) typically incorporate custom water or air cooled heatsinks, mechanical enclosures and custom electronic hardware and software.


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