Laser Design Considerations for Directed Energy Weapons

While the use of lasers for directed energy (DE) increases, diversity in requirements and technology continues to evolve. Current directed energy applications, such as those used to eliminate airborne drones, range from comparatively lower-powered, man-portable lasers of 10 kW of optical output power to extremely high-powered lasers with 1,000 kW power levels. These 1 MW lasers are designed to be mounted on high-altitude platforms to destroy boost phase intercontinental ballistic missiles, among other missions.

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5 Considerations for Choosing a Laser System Partner

Choosing a partner for your laser system—what matters most?

When it comes to designing your laser system, whether it be a medical system for aesthetic treatment or an advanced targeting system for directed energy, a full-view approach is needed. Beyond the diode, you will need to have a plan for incorporating electronics and optics, as well as packaging the unit in a way that it can withstand your application's environmental challenges. You've likely spent a significant amount of time thinking through the specifics of your design, choosing a partner requires the same attention to detail and the end decision should allow for seamless integration and clear alignment to your goals.  

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Directed Energy Trade Show Trail: Find us at DE Summit, SPIE DCS, & DE2DC

As the use of lasers in a variety of markets continues to increase, we find ourselves on the road, meeting more and more innovative teams exploring the emerging laser markets for applications such as directed energy, automotive lidar, and direct diode heating

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Lasertel & U.S. Congress Explore Factors Enabling the Deployment of Directed Energy Lasers

Lasertel has been on the forefront of directed energy laser technology for quite some time. The team's involvement extends past manufacturing the technology, as Lasertel has also dedicated time promoting and discussing the advancements in the space with U.S. Congress. As a part of this, John Goings, Lasertel’s lead for directed energy lasers, visited Capitol Hill last month. During his visit, Goings met with 10 Committee Staff Members, including members of the DE Caucus, Senate Armed Services Committee, House Armed Services Committee, and the Military Legislative Advisers (MLA) in the following offices:

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Welcoming Members to the Lasertel Team: Expertise in Automotive Lidar & Defense Laser Systems

As we continue to expand our capabilities, we welcome new members to our team in both the automotive lidar and defense divisions. 

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Advancements in Airborne Directed Energy Lasers

Directed energy lasers represent the next-generation capability in the defense of threats to our country and our allies. Solid-state and hybrid lasers are well suited for airborne and space-based directed energy systems. The core components inside these systems are the pump sources based on laser diodes. Performance from the Megawatts of power needed from the laser diode is the key technology to allowing directed energy laser systems to be deployed on the battlefield. 

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