Leonardo, Bombardier, and Marshall Collaboration Provides Advanced DIRCM Solution for VIP Air Protection


In collaboration with aerospace and defense groups Bombardier and Marshall, Leonardo’s Miysis Directed Infrared Countermeasures system (DIRCM) ensures the safety of VIP passengers with its laser-based protection equipment. The strategic alliance between these industry leaders provides an innovative engineering solution for self-protection. This advanced solution is being chosen by governments in the UK, Canada, and other NATO countries.

Miysis DIRCM_Image 1

For the last 40 years, Miysis DIRCM has been the dependable solution for mission-critical security requirements — today's solution provides continual protection from IR-guided missiles including Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS). The system’s market-leading size, weight and power make the Miysis DIRCM the primary choice for effective air defense. With complete spherical protection and 100% effectiveness in live fire trials, the Miysis DIRCM will provide assured comprehensive security for valued passengers.

More key capabilities include:

  • Single solution for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Dependable and proven protection
  • Detects and defeats multiple/advanced threats
  • Flexible aircraft installation options
  • Exceedingly high laser energy-on-target
  • Low cost and support requirements

Miysis DIRCM is a critical solution when safety is top priority. Learn more about how this system provides integrated protection.

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